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The 15th Moores Cancer Center Industry/Academia "Next Generation Precision Oncology" Symposium was held on Thursday, February 21, 2019. View the photo gallery for the highlights here.

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2019 Symposium Featured Talks

Please enjoy the featured talks below from our recent symposium. Thank you!

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Symposium Opening Statement

David Brenner, MD
UC San Diego Health Sciences

Organizer Introduction

Ida Deichaite, PhD
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Moores Cancer Center Translational Programs

Scott Lippman, MD
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Moores Cancer Center Clinical Enterprise Overview

Joseph Califano, MD
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Duane Roth Award Lecture
A Story of Drug Development: Taxol®, Tubulin and Tumors

Susan Band Horwitz, PhD

Distinguished Professor, Department of Molecular Pharmacology
Rose C. Falkenstein Chair in Cancer Research
Einstein College of Medicine
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Keynote Speaker
Delivering on the Promise of Precision Oncology

Gordon Mills, MD, PhD

Director, Precision Oncology, Knight Cancer Institute
Director, SMMART Trials, Knight Cancer Institute
Wayne and Julie Drinkward Endowed Chair, Precision Oncology, Knight Cancer Institute
Professor, Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology
OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
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UC San Diego Welcome and Introduction
David Brenner, MD
Vice Chancellor, UC San Diego Health Sciences
[+] Biography

Moores Cancer Center Welcome
Joseph Califano, MD
Physician in Chief, Professor of Surgery, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
Director, Head and Neck Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Clinical Perspective: Targeting CTGF in Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer
Ewa Carrier, MD
Executive Director of Clinical Development, Fibrogen
[+] Biography

Chair, Targeting KRAS Session
David Cheresh, PhD
Distinguished Professor and Vice Chair, Pathology
Associate Director, Innovation and Industry Alliances, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Organizer Welcome
Ida Deichaite, PhD
Director, Industry Relations, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Epigenetics of GBM Cancer Stem Cells
Laure Escoubet, PhD
Senior Director, Celgene
[+] Biography

The art of tidying up: Benefits of organizing your oncology data
Ryan Fukushima, MBA
Chief Operating Officer, Tempus
[+] Biography

A bispecific antibody strategy to focus 4-1BB activation at sites of PD-L1 expression
Analeah Heidt, PhD
Vice President of Translational Research, Inhibrx
[+] Biography

Malignant Deamination Drives Cancer Stem Cell Generation
Catriona Jamieson, MD, PhD
Deputy Director, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
Professor of Medicine and Chief, Division of Regenerative Medicine
Koman Family Presidential Endowed Chair in Cancer Research
Deputy Director, Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center
Director, CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic
[+] Biography

There's No Place Like HOPE
Shumei Kato, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Scott Lippman, MD
Director, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Targeting KRAS mutant cancers with a covalent G12C-specific inhibitor
Yi Liu, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President, Wellspring Biosciences LLC
[+] Biography

The Molecular Characterization of Men with Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer
Rana McKay, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

There's No Place Like HOPE
Teresa McKeown
Patient Advocate
[+] Biography

Chair, Genomics Session
Jill Mesirov, PhD
Associate Vice Chancellor for Computational Health Sciences
Professor, Department of Medicine
Co-Lead, Structural and Functional Genomics Program, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Therapeutic Susceptibility of KRAS-Mutant Cancers to MRTX1257, a Covalent KRASG12C Inhibitor
Peter Olson, PhD
Director of Research, Mirati Therapeutics
[+] Biography

Use of Stem Cell Memory T Cells (Tscm) for the Creation of CAR-T Therapies with Superior Characteristics
Eric Ostertag, MD, PhD
CEO, Poseida Therapeutics
[+] Biography

Chair, Immuno-Oncology Session
Sandip Patel, MD
Associate Professor, Medical Oncology/Hematology, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Present and Future of Cabozantinib in GU Cancers
José Ricardo Pérez
Executive Medical Director, Medical Affairs, Exelixis
[+] Biography

Targeting stem cell signals in cancer heterogeneity and therapy resistance
Tannishtha Reya, PhD
Professor, Pharmacology and Medicine, UC San Diego
[+] Biography

Chair, Cancer Stem Cell Session
Rob Signer, PhD
Assistant Professor, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

The Control of Anti-Tumor Immunity and its Implications on Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy
Shabnam Shalapour, PhD
Associate Professor of Pharmacology, UC San Diego
[+] Biography

Chair, Solid Tumors Session
Rebecca Shatsky, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Transcriptional Components and Signatures to Characterize the Cellular State of Individual Tumors
Pablo Tamayo, PhD
Director, UCSD Center for Cancer Target Discovery and Development
Professor, Division of Medical Genetics, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
[+] Biography

Drugging the Cancer Cell Cycle
Michael White, PhD
VP, Tumor Cell Biology, Chief Scientific Officer, Pfizer
[+] Biography

Controlling CAR-T Cell Therapy
Travis Young, PhD
VP, Biologics, California Institute for Biomedical Research (Calibr)
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For our out of town attendees: We recommend staying at the Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa for your lodging needs. The UCSD corporate rate is subject to availability and this rate is $195 when it is available. Rooms can be booked via this link. We encourage you to make your reservations as soon as possible due to availability.


The field of oncology is changing at a rapid pace, one that demands all involved to create new paradigms for cancer research and treatment. The goal is curative therapies. The bar is set high – and no one can do it alone. Targeted interactive meetings are of great value, leading to productive discussions often maturing into research and clinical alliances among various contingencies such as pharma/biotech, academia and funding agencies.

The Industry/Academia “Next Generation Precision Oncology” Symposium is a unique forum uniting life science innovators from around the world to brainstorm translational oncology research. Presentations and discussions focus on how recent developments in oncology translate into clinical applications and lifesaving therapeutic options for cancer patients. In light of precision medicine and its tremendous impact on the broad field of oncology, this forum recognizes the clear direction we are headed: precision diagnosis and personalized treatment increasingly relying on cell therapies. Combination immunotherapy and new immunomodulatory agents are bringing to light exciting opportunities for development of new therapeutic modalities in oncology. Symposium presenters emphasize the importance of innovative discovery model systems and biomarker driven clinical trials to predict treatment outcomes with the aim of meeting patients' specific needs. The Symposium’s emphasis on translational oncology and drug development unites discovery and clinical development researchers, facilitating alliances and partnerships, ultimately accelerating curative therapies that advance global cancer care.


The Symposium promotes discussions amongst leaders in cancer research. Invited presenters are clinicians, researchers, patient advocates and key decision makers in industry and academia. The Symposium format includes keynote presentations by renowned key opinion leaders, followed by selected presentations, a young investigator presentation, interactive discussion panels, and poster sessions. Discussions continue throughout breaks with networking opportunities built into the Symposium agenda. Program presenters and attendees identify successful approaches to advance life-saving therapies, tools, and diagnostics to best serve the patient.


The field of oncology is brimming with innovators and investigators ready to blaze new pathways for bringing the most effective novel therapies out of the laboratory to the patients. Clinicians, researchers, and top decision makers are critical in the process of translation to deliver curative cancer therapies. Our goal is to unite these individuals and provide a forum through which they can network and collaborate, while celebrating the community’s successful efforts.


  • Immunotherapy
  • Precision medicine
  • Combination therapy
  • Emphasis on multi-omics


San Diego provides an ideal environment for successful partnerships and collaborations: The intersection of academia, biomedical research, top-notch health care providers, and entrepreneurship allow innovation to abound. San Diego’s position as a global hub for biomedical innovation serves as a role model for translational oncology on a national level.

Symposium Organizers

Ida Deichaite, PhD
Director, Industry Relations
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Scott Lippman, MD
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

We Thank Our Supporters for the 2019 Symposium: