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In the Press

November 21, 2018

Coping With Head and Neck Cancer

Dr. Ezra Cohen weighs in on the discussion about patients with head and neck cancer facing physical, social and emotional issues that can add to existing mental health problems or give rise to new ones.

November 21, 2018

Frontline Cancer: 'Vaping' not necessarily healthier than smoking

Dr. Scott Lippman, Director of the Moores Cancer Center, chimes in on the national debate.

November 20, 2018

Stand Up To Cancer Grant Funds UC San Diego Health Research in Pancreatic Cancer

Lead investigators Tannishtha Reya, PhD and Dr. Andrew Lowy have been awarded a $1 million Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) grant to test drugs that block signals that play a critical role in driving growth and progression of pancreatic cancer.

November 19, 2018

Trial to assess ibrutinib-cirmtuzumab combination for B-cell malignancies

Dr. Tom Kipps and colleagues will conduct the phase 1b/phase 2 trial to investigate whether the addition of the monoclonal antibody cirmtuzumab to standard therapy with ibrutinib benefits patients with B-cell malignancies.

November 5, 2018

The Role of HPV Virus in Head & Neck Cancer

A study with collaborator in the laboratory of Dr. Trey Ideker identified several new protein interactions that were previously not known to cause cancer, expanding knowledge of the oncogenic roles of the HPV virus.

November 2, 2018

Tiny DNA modification has big impact on deadly tumors

A simple modification of a DNA base in small areas of the genome may explain why glioblastoma tumors are so deadly, researchers at Yale and the UCSD report Nov. 1 in the journal Cell, with senior author Dr. Jeremy Rich.

October 28, 2018

California’s low lung cancer rates saves nearly 5,000 lives

California’s low rate of lung cancer deaths saved nearly 5,000 lives in 2014 — and saved Californians at least $500 million just in that year, according to a CALmatters analysis in consultation with public health researchers, including John Pierce, PhD.

October 11, 2018

Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer Not Significantly Linked to Subsequent Dementia

A team of epidemiologists and doctors at UC San Diego School of Medicine and Veterans Affairs San Diego Health Care System investigated the association between ADT and dementia in over 45,000 veterans who were diagnosed with prostate cancer between 2001 and 2015.

October 5, 2018

"When Cancer Genomics Research Outpaces the Regulation of Genomics Data: Does the Patient Win Or Lose?"

We congratulate our summer student Alice Lu, for the incredible accomplishment of receiving 1st Prize – Best Poster Presentation at the 2018 International Cancer Education Conference (https://2018.attendicec.org/), held October 3 – 5, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. Authors: Alice Lu, BS, BA, Georgia Robins Sadler, BSN, MBA, PhD, and Ida Deichaite, PhD, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center.

October 4, 2018

Dr. Cohen on Immunotherapeutic Advances in Head and Neck Cancer

Dr. Ezra Cohen discusses immunotherapeutic advances in head and neck cancer, including investigational combinations showing impressive efficacy.

September 30, 2018

Conquering cancer by attacking the disease’s genetic abnormalities

Comprehensive tumor profiling — in which individuals are matched with drugs that target specific genetic mutations or other abnormalities — is becoming a cornerstone of cancer treatment. This features Dr. Razelle Kurzrock.

September 30, 2018

An Oncologist on Why the Patient Partnership is Sacred

Dr. Barbara Parker, the medical director at UC San Diego Health's Moores Cancer Center, reveals why the dynamic is an important "obligation".

September 26, 2018

AI and Machine Learning for Clinical Trials – Examining 3 Current Applications

AI helped the Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health shorten its study timelines by nearly 33% and reduce data errors by 20%.

September 24, 2018

What Not To Say To Someone With Cancer

When someone has cancer and they’re told they need to “stay positive,” it becomes another stressor for them, explains psychiatrist Dr. Alan Hsu.

September 20, 2018

Cancer Immunotherapy Might Benefit From Previously Overlooked Immune Players

Genetic data for nearly 6,000 patients and their tumors highlight the previously underappreciated role CD4+ T cells and MHC-II molecules play in keeping cancer at bay, from research led by Hannah Carter, PhD.

September 13, 2018

Engineered natural killer cells may be the next great cancer immunotherapy

Earlier this year, for instance, stem cell biologist Dr. Dan Kaufman and colleagues reported that in mice, CAR NK cells perform about as well against ovarian tumors as CAR T cells do—and substantially better than unaltered NK cells.

August 30, 2018

Frontline Cancer: Doctors debate best age to screen for colon cancer

Dr. Scott Lippman discusses Dr. Samir Gupta's recent paper in Gastroenterology that explores potential consequences of recommending persons be screened for colorectal cancer first at age 45 instead of age 50.

August 27, 2018

Researchers to Test Novel Drug Combination Against Toughest Breast Cancers

The Phase I clinical trial will combine standard chemotherapy with cirmtuzumab, a drug that has shown promise against a variety of cancer types. The drug was originally developed by Dr. Tom Kipps, with Co-PIs Drs. Barbara Parker and Rebecca Shatsky, and will be in the Alpha Clinic run by Dr. Catriona Jamieson.

August 26, 2018

Why did Carter and McCain have such different brain tumor results?

Dr. Ezra Cohen weighs in on deadly brain tumors that have challenged political icons President Jimmy Carter and Senator John McCain.

August 22, 2018

Why Dr. Samir Gupta is calling for caution over the American Cancer Society's new screening guideline

The American Cancer Society lowered the recommended age to begin screening for colorectal cancer from 50 to 45, but Dr. Samir Gupta said the updated guideline should be implemented cautiously.

August 21, 2018

Natural killer cells as effective as, less toxic than T cells

Natural killer cells engineered with chimeric antigen receptors demonstrated comparable efficacy as T cells but appeared less toxic, according to study results and Dr. Dan Kaufman.

August 21, 2018

Cover Your Butt: When to Screen for Colorectal Cancer

A diverse team of national experts, led by Dr. Samir Gupta, published a commentary in Gastroenterology calling for cation in the widesoread implementation of recommendations for early screening of colorectal cancer for the entire population.

August 19, 2018

Surfing legends, researchers and survivors ride La Jolla waves to fight cancer

Dozens of accomplished surfers teamed up with medical experts and cancer survivors to compete in the 25th Annual Luar and Legends of Surfing Invitational, including Dr. Andrew Sharabi.

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2019 Symposium

The 15th Moores Cancer Center Industry/Academia "Next Generation Precision Oncology" Symposium will be held on Thursday, February 21, 2019.

Confirmed Speakers:

Keynote Speaker

Susan Band Horwitz, PhD

Distinguished Professor, Department of Molecular Pharmacology
Rose C. Falkenstein Chair in Cancer Research
Einstein College of Medicine

Keynote Speaker

Gordon Mills, MD, PhD

Director, Precision Oncology, Knight Cancer Institute
Director, SMMART Trials, Knight Cancer Institute
Wayne and Julie Drinkward Endowed Chair, Precision Oncology, Knight Cancer Institute
Professor, Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology
OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

Epigenetics in Glioblastoma
Laure Escoubet, PhD
Senior Director, Head of Epigenetic Drug Discovery, Celgene

Napoleone Ferrara, MD
Distinguished Professor of Pathology
Senior Deputy Director of Basic Science, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Analeah Heidt, PhD
Vice President of Translational Research, Inhibrx

Catriona Jamieson, MD, PhD
Deputy Director, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
Professor of Medicine and Chief, Division of Regenerative Medicine
Koman Family Presidential Endowed Chair in Cancer Research
Deputy Director, Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center
Director, CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic

Targeting KRAS mutant cancers with a covalent G12C-specific inhibitor
Yi Liu, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President, Wellspring Biosciences LLC

Rana McKay, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Teresa McKeown
Patient Advocate

Eric Ostertag, MD, PhD
CEO, Poseida Therapeutics

Mike Pellini
Chairman of the Board, Foundation Medicine

José Ricardo Pérez
Executive Medical Director, Medical Affairs, Exelixis

Tannishtha Reya, PhD
Professor, Pharmacology and Medicine, UC San Diego

Shabnam Shalapour, PhD
Associate Professor of Pharmacology, UC San Diego

Pablo Tamayo, PhD
Director, UCSD Center for Cancer Target Discovery and Development
Professor, Division of Medical Genetics, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Drugging the Cancer Cell Cycle
Michael White, PhD
VP, Tumor Cell Biology, Chief Scientific Officer, Pfizer

Travis Young, PhD
VP, Biologics, California Institute for Biomedical Research (Calibr)

2018 Symposium Featured Talks

The 14th Moores Cancer Center Industry/Academia Translational Oncology Symposium was held on Thursday, February 22, 2018. See the Agenda here.

Keynote Presentation: Duane Roth Award Lecture
Engineering T-Cells: The Sky is the Limit

Carl June, MD
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Keynote Presentation:
A New Model for Translational Research in the Nonprofit Sector

Peter Schultz, PhD
California Institute for Biomedical Research

Welcome Remarks

Ida Deichaite, PhD, Symposium Organizer, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center
Pradeep Khosla, PhD, Chancellor, UC San Diego

Welcome Remarks

Thomas Kipps, MD, PhD
Symposium Chair, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

In silico drug discovery of dual inhibitors of combinatorial synthetic lethality inhibitors in the era of prevision medical oncology; proof of concept

Donald Durden, MD, PhD
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Visit our Symposium page for more Symposium Featured Talks.

2015 Symposium Slideshow

Thank you to all that came and participated in the 2015 Symposium - we hope you enjoy the memories!

2014 Translational Oncology Symposium

A decade of fostering collaborations, fueling innovation & saving lives

San Diego ABC 10 News reporter Michael Chen interviewed San Diego resident Heather Clark, a patient of Moores Cancer Center, along with Ida Deichaite, Director of Industry Relations & Symposium Organizer, in a video report about the I-SPY Clinical Trial and Symposium. The I-SPY Clinical Trial is lead by Symposium Keynote Speaker and Principle Investigator Laura Esserman, MD, MBA. For the video, see below.

The article is available here.

  • Xconomy’s San Diego Life Sciences Roundup included Bob Klein’s Proposal presented at the Moores Cancer Center Symposium, outlining the $5 billion ballot initiative for funding California Institute for Regenerative Medicine in 2016.
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  • Xconomy's San Diego Life Sciences Roundup also included the Moores Cancer Center Symposium and Laura Esserman's acceptance of the Duane Roth Award.
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  • The San Diego Daily Transcript published an article about Dr. Esserman's acceptance of the Duane Roth Award and the Symposium.
         » Read Here
  • The San Diego Union Tribune wrote an article on the Symposium, namely the iSPY Trial and patient from the trial, San Diego Resident Heather Clark.
         » Read Here
  • Symposium Speaker Bob Klein was featured in a San Diego Union Tribune article, outlining the $5 billion ballot initiative for funding California Institute for Regenerative Medicine in 2016, presented at the Moores Cancer Center Symposium.
         » Read Here

Our Symposium Page

9th Symposium Featured on San Diego ABC 10 News

San Diego ABC 10 News reporter Michael Chen interviewed San Diego resident Linda Lowe, a patient of Moores Cancer Center Investigator Dr. Catriona Jamieson, along with Moores Cancer Center Director of Industry Relations Ida Deichaite, PhD , in a video report from the 6PM News on April 11 covering the successful 9th Industry/Academia Translational Oncology Symposium.

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